The fifth on –site work, the conservation and development of biodiversity project based on the budget of 2014

From 17th – 26th March 2014, Forest Biodiversity Division working group led by Miss Weerana Sompeewong, cooperated with local volunteers and the 1st Forest Defend station (Tha-Pla) staffs. They went to survey and collect data on biodiversity including plants, animals, insects, mushrooms, lichens and folk wisdoms at Lum Num Nan-Fang-Khwa national forest, Num-Ta village, Num-Mun sub district, Tha-Pla district, Uttaradit. In addition, two plots were collected by using temporary sample plot. The deciduous forest was plotted at the forest area in Num-Ta village and dry dipterocarp forest was plotted at the forest area in Huay-Ja-Learn village.

On 20th-26th March 2014, Dr. Surang Thienhirun, the director of Forest Biodiversity Division, went to the fieldwork in order to follow-up and give recommendation to the working group.

Working group

Plant field

Animal field

Insect field

Mushroom field

Lichen field

Folk wisdom field

Plot sampling

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