The 7th on–site work, the conservation and development of biodiversity project based on the budget of 2014

From 5th – 17th May 2014 , Forest Biodiversity Division working group led by Miss Weerana Sompeewong, cooperated with local volunteers and the 1st Forest Defend station (Tha-Pla) staffs. They went to survey and collect data on biodiversity including plants, animals, insects, mushrooms and lichens. They were explored 4 lines, including Huay-Pak-Ngam, Huay-Nong-Chang-Sing, Huay-Sai and Huay-Ton-Yang at Lum Num Nan-Fang-Khwa national forest, Huay-Ja-Learn village, Phaluad sub district, Tha-Pla district, Uttaradit. In addition, in the operation they collected data of folk wisdoms. Moreover, two sample plots were used to identify with plant community characteristic in deciduous forest and one sample plot in dry dipterocarp forest.

On 14th-17th May 2014, Dr. Surang Thienhirun, the director of Forest Biodiversity Division, went to the fieldwork in order to follow-up and create the biodiversity classroom in library’ s Jalearnrad-uppatham school for increase community’s awareness of conservation forest biodiversity activity which will start in June.

Working group

Plant field

Animal field

Insect field

Mushroom field

Lichen field

Plot sampling

Create the biodiversity classroom in library’s Jalernrad-uppatham school

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