Ban Sam Kha’s Forested Watershed

Issue 1 based on the budget of 2013, Mae Jang-Fang-Sai National Forest, Lampang

Forest Biodiversity Division. Royal Forest Department

After exploring biodiversity at Mae Jang-Fang-Sai national forest located in Ban Sam Kha village, Mae Tha district, Lampang in January 2013, we found the area nearly to the village is still abundantly and there is no encroach on forests. Every villager realizes the important of conserving nature which obviously shown by their implementation: such as having a guard to check on the forestfire and the outsiders who might want to encroach on forest and having organic agriculture. Moreover, they build many dikes so that during drought wild animals still survive and villagers will have water to supply in a village and also nearby villages (mid June to mid –May). Those dikes were made by support and spirit from the villagers and external institutes, for example Siam Cement Public Company Limited that helped the villagers building dikes. Thus, Ban Sam Kha village and other nearby villages can use the water from those dikes. Last but not least, it would be great if all villages realize the important of reserving watershed because it can prevent flash flood, wildfire and the lack of water during drought.

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